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  • I live in a frozen wasteland. Well, actually, it's a pretty urbanized area. But it is cold.
  • My occupation is the founder. Maybe not of this wiki, but probably some other one.
  • I am Sam. Sam I am. Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?
  • Airhogs777

    Hey all! A few months ago (when Wikia's new mobile skin came out), I showed you how to insert code onto any page using verbatim tags. Well, now I'm going to show you a way I discovered to add your code to every page! And it's amazingly easy, too!

    ] Basically, my goal was to find a MediaWiki page that shows up every time on WikiaMobile. And I found one, MediaWiki:Wikiamobile-page-header-title. Basically, this page contains nothing but a variable ("$1"), which appears to be the page title. And this message can correctly transclude verbatim tags without any issues. Check out the button I added to my test wiki's toolbar (right). That will show up on every page!

    So, basically, the code is:

    since extra line breaks are really easy to accidentally a… Read more >
  • Airhogs777

    Since the new mobile skin doesn't accept custom CSS/JS, my wiki's main page looked awful. It had those picture link things (we called them portal elements), but the pictures were different sizes and offsets to align the charater's head in the middle, and so on. And they were cropped by a surrounding div to all be the same size. Since their style was removed in the new skin, there were now just a bunch of pictures ranging in size in a table that ran over the edge of the page and got cut off. But, I figured out how to redirect my main page if it uses the new skin, the code is as follows:

    ) on your main page to make it redirect to your mobile main page (mine is here), which can be phone-optimized. You can use the same technique to change the …
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  • Airhogs777

    Hey Central,

    For a while, I'd been working on a way to change the iOS touch icon to something beside . That's the icon that shows up on your home screen when you bookmark your wiki on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The issue with it is that it uses , the wiki's old logo. This will affect the experience of Monobook users, since that's the picture that shows up. It's also included in the default user welcome message, if I remember right. And until I got this working, the only known way to change the icon was to change this image and use CSS or JS to revert the Monobook logo back to whatever it was before. So this bit of code solves the problem by letting you choose what picture you want. I'm pretty new at javascript, but this code seems to b…

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  • Airhogs777

    AWA-misc 1

    October 8, 2010 by Airhogs777

    On the AWA wiki, the box that once said: now in the Sitenotice and Anonnotice (which here, Wikia was kind enough to disable.)

    Also, I have now received 2 messages from Sannse that I was commenting just to be provocative. See my talk page for more on the subject.

    A few days ago, I finished my Black Wednesday (11/3) avatar. It's my normal avatar, but the face is angry, it's wearing more funeral-ish clothes, and the words below are replaced with the current AWA logo. If the logo changes, I guess I'll have to rework it a bit.

    On the other hand, Wikia's new commercial is both well done and mostly true:

    Expect to see this on TV soon.

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  • Airhogs777

    AWA backups' new home

    October 3, 2010 by Airhogs777

    The backups of the pages Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance, Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance/comments and Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance/declaration of independence have been moved from's main hub (wiki) to a new AWA wiki, as per request of ShoutWiki staffmember Derfel. You can now find them on the AWA's new wiki at Anti-Wikia Alliance, Anti-Wikia Alliance/comments and Declaration of Independence. I also stylized the new wiki's main page with the big logo-block at the top of the AWA page. The Link database has yet to be moved. Go there!

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