Hi, guys, so... I'm the administrator at the Adele Wiki, and I have a track listing template that is used for the album articles, and Wikipedia's track listing templates have a [show] / [hide] option on theirs for any of the bonus track editions / non-standard editions. For an example, please go here. Anyways, there is a track listing template on the Wiki, but the [show] / [hide] track lists that are attached to the standard one only open halfway. For example, please go here. Anyways, I know it's confusing, but I've even tried copying the regular template from Wikipedia to my article and it won't copy the show / hide option. How do I get this so it looks like the track listing templates on the Wikipedia articles? Thank you so much! =)

---Tsu'tey♫ (talk)

If you need any further explanations, I can try and provide some. :)

PS, the link to the template on my Wiki is here.

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