Hello everyone! :) While some of my other advertising blogs for wikis have failed, I really thought I should make a blog about a wiki I have had for a few months that is very important to me and I think would be a huge success with your help! :) It's called The Adele Wiki (the URL is:, and it is about the British pop singer Adele (known for her singles "Hometown Glory", "Chasing Pavements", "Someone Like You", and "Rolling in the Deep"). She has become increasingly popular right now, and she is one musical artist that is very dear to my heart for a lot of reasons. She really inspires me a lot, and I am by far one of the biggest Adele fans you will ever meet. Anyways, I think it's a great wiki that could use a lot of contributors. Also, we are looking for administrators. If you would like to be one on the wiki, then please visit the given URL and visit the link on the home page in the "News, Updates, and Notices" section. It should take you to my talk page, and I think it is pretty self-explanatory from there. You do not need to be knowledgeable about Adele to contribute or become an administrator. Wikia is a place of learning, and one of the reasons wikis are created is to inform people about the topic, so please do not be shy. I encourgae you guys to check it out! Even if you don't plan on editing it, please check it out! :) I could really use the help around the wiki, so please check it out - it would be greatly appreciated, and I could try and help out on your wikis as well if you asked me to. Thank you so much for your time, everyone! :)

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