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UPDATE!: We have a winner!

The grand prize winner is HARRY POTTER WIKI !

It was a VERY tough choice choosing from the nearly 60 wikias that participated in the contest this year, but we were wowed by the full integration of the theme - from skin to wordmark to content - on the Harry Potter community.

Hp wiki halloween

Our runner-up picks included:

Gravfalls wiki halloween

Gravity Falls Wikia : Who told us their "changes were made (mostly based on the Summerween episode), with the character portal on front page featuring characters in their Summerween costumes. Image slider starts with image of the Summerween Trickster wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

Wordgirl halloween

World Girl Wiki : New background, featuring characters in their Halloween costumes from the episode, Tobey's Tricks and Treats. Heading bars use bone letters, Halloween wordmark, a Background Bee cursor in costume.

Congratulations to our winner and thanks for all your hard work, Wikians. And to all - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is nearly here, and here on Wikia, we’re getting into the spirit with our annual Halloween Costume Contest!

If you’re not familiar: each year, Wikia throws its own crazy costume party that invites all wikia from across all of Wikia to dress up your community for Halloween. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Give your community a spooky or Halloween-themed makeover by adding a custom skin (one that captures not only the spirit of your community as well as the holiday), a seasonal word mark, adding spooky elements on your main page…or anything else your community is feeling.

To enter your community into our Costume Contest, leave the name and URL of your dressed-up wikia in the comments below. Remember to get approval from your community before signing up (unless of course you’re the admin/founder). We’re encouraging everyone to get their “costumes” up as soon as possible and leave them up for the entire month of October. But they absolutely MUST be up by 8 a.m. EST on Thursday, Oct. 31 in order to be considered for the contest.

On October 31, Wikia Staff will put on our judges caps and hand-pick one community as the winner. The winning community (announced on Nov. 1) will receive cover story promotion (the revolving marquee at the top of the page) on the Entertainment , Video Games and Lifestyle hubs, as well as one month’s worth of promotion in the Wikia Spotlights.

UPDATE: Now, we have a SECOND way for you to celebrate the HALLOWEEN week with us on your own!

We're inviting each Wikian to join Wikia Halloween Scary Filmfest. To join, 1) film your scariest short film of your own creation using Instagram's video app or Vine. We want to see your scariest short movies based on your Wikia Community. Anything scary will do: You reading a scary story with a flashlight under your chin, a fully-cast teleplay with props, etc. 2) Post your Instagram Video or Vine video link in the comments below. 3) If you post it with #WikiaLive, others following that hashtag will see it, too!

The best scary movies inspired by your community will be highlighted in our recap blog, on our hubs and also on our social channels. 

Get creating, and good luck! And of course, have a Happy Halloween!

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