UPDATE: The voting is now LIVE on the Greatest Love of All Bracket Tournament! Go cast your votes for your favorite couple .

Happy Valentine's Month, Wikians!

It's February, and we're bringing back a fan-favorite event from last year - the cross-community Greatest Love of All Couples Bracket Tournament.

Last year's bracket was incredible, garnering hundreds of thousands of votes! In case you missed out, last year's Final Four couples were:

And after all the dust settled, the final winner - with over 101,000 votes - was

Sasuke and Sakura!

Did your favorite couple not make it to the finals last year? Or if they did, are you hoping to help them defend their crown?

So now is your chance! We're asking you all to start the ball rolling by nominating your favorite on-canon couple. Who from your favorite fandom should be in the battle? Han and Leia from Star Wars? Clary and Jace from Shadowhunters? Mario and Princess Peach? Fem Shepard and Garrus from Mass Effect? You decide!

How does it work?

  • CHOOSE: Select the romantic duo from your fandom that you love most. Please only submit canon relationships (relationships that have actually happened - not just one you WISH would happen).
  • NOMINATE: Submit your pick in the form here on this blog. Feel free to nominate as many couples as you like. We'll count each as a submission for that couple.
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Once you nominate, share this post to get more nominations for your favorite.

On Feb. 12, we'll take the top 64 nominations, and put them into a bracket tournament for you to vote for your favorites. Each Friday, we'll narrow down the bracket by half, until we have a final winner on March 25.

So, get busy nominating your favorite couple, and may the greatest love win!

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