Hey everyone,

My name is Annette, and I'm the new Programming Manager for Wikia Lifestyle . I'd like to take a minute here to introduce myself, and talk a little about some of the new and exciting plans we have in store for Lifestyle!

As an avid reader of gaming and entertainment wikis here for years, I know the level of passion that's driven by Wikians' love for the games they play, the shows they watch, the comics and books they read, and more. Pop culture fuels a need for people to initially connect, and then that connection creates some of the most supportive and amazing communities you'll find anywhere.

While pop culture certainly gets people excited, so do other topics like food and drinks, craft and sewing, sports, toys, fashion and beauty, travel, pets, and more. And Lifestyle is where those amazing fans congregate!

We have a tremendous group of folks on Lifestyle already doing great work on wikis like Recipes Wiki , Vintage Patterns Wiki , Travel Wiki , and Beer Wiki . And I'd love to get even more people involved with making those communities bigger and better, bringing old Lifestyle wikis back to life, and helping new communities make Wikia their home. One of the ways I hope to do this is by inspiring people with new programs focused on the lifestyle category. That is why I am very excited to annouce our first such program today -  Closet Confidential!

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Closet Confidential

Closet Confidential is an invitation for users with tremendous style to assemble the ultimate outfit - sometimes for a fictional character they love, sometimes for real people's needs. Our first CC assignment is Magnus Bane , the flamboyant warlock from the Shadowhunters Chronicles . We're asking you to put on your stylist hat, and suggest the ensemble that makes up the ultimate Magnus look. Glitter? Check. Neon pants? Maybe. Nail polish? For sure.

I'm looking to set up more challenges like this in the future, but around my favorite thing in the world: food! We're working on a similar idea where we ask various communities to help assemble the perfect meal, menu, and drinks for various scenarios -- from a Star Trek Summit to a Mad Men cocktail party. We'll rely on your expertise in pop culture and edibles to make these challenges amazing.

How can I help?

Like my counterparts George and Eric on Video Games and Entertainment , I'm hoping to also help make it easier for you all to get the help you need in building or improving your wikis. I work really closely with the stellar Community Support and Development teams, and want to be one more person who's here to listen and help.

I also program the Lifestyle Hub every day, and am always looking for new and creative things you all are doing in your communities. Need help promoting a contest or Top 10? Just posted a cool collection of recipes? Let me know! On top of promoting your efforts on the hub, I also can help get the word out through Wikia's various social channels, including Wikia overall and our Lifestyle Twitter feeds - Wikia Lifestyle , Wikia Eats and Wikia Style .

Finally, I'm a person who's spent the last several years working with companies and professionals in a lot of different lifestyle areas. If there are products, designers, chefs, companies, experts, etc you'd like help getting involved in your community, definitely get in touch and tell me your ideas. Would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading, and please introduce yourself and your community! And even if you're a member of a Gaming or Entertainment community and have interests in Lifestyle topics, give me a shout. And let's work together!

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