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    UPDATE: The voting is now LIVE on the Greatest Love of All Bracket Tournament! Go cast your votes for your favorite couple .

    Happy Valentine's Month, Wikians!

    It's February, and we're bringing back a fan-favorite event from last year - the cross-community Greatest Love of All Couples Bracket Tournament.

    Last year's bracket was incredible, garnering hundreds of thousands of votes! In case you missed out, last year's Final Four couples were:

    • Naruto & Hinata from Naruto
    • Kurt & Blaine from Glee
    • Korra & Asami from The Legend of Korra
    • Sasuke & Sakura from Naruto

    And after all the dust settled, the final winner - with over 101,000 votes - was

    Sasuke and Sakura!

    Did your favorite couple not make it to the finals last year? Or if they did, are you hoping to help th…

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    UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who nominated foods! Voting is now live!!

    There were some overwhelmingly popular nominations, and we were super pleased to see a lot of newcomers to the bracket. Go vote for your favorites now!

    This year, you can also nominate foods in separate brackets being run in multiple languages:

    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Chinese

    These brackets will include nominees from our international communities in those languages, so the foods will be different in these polls. Enjoy!

    It's that time again—time for the 3rd Annual Battle of the Fantasy Foods!

    For the last two years, we've run this bracket tournament so superfans like you can choose the greatest fantasy food fandom in all the land. And each year, dozens of amazing …

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    Heads up, Bracket fans!

    Round Two is now live, including the four NEW couples from our commenters. GO VOTE !

    Happy Valentine's weekend, Wikians!

    For all you romantics out there, we've opened voting on our first ever cross-community Greatest Love of All Couples Bracket Tournament.

    Two weeks ago, we put out the call for fandoms to nominate their favorite on-canon couple. Marge and Homer, Han and Leia, Katniss and Peeta, Mario and Princess Peach, and so many more - they're all here, thanks to the nominations that came in from across our thousands of communities.

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    This week is the official start of the holiday shopping season, and parents are beginning to look at what gifts to buy for their kids. Since Wikia is the home of the most knowledgeable superfans, we know that our communities have the ability to help parents who are looking for guidance on what's appropriate for their children.

    Last year, we created Parent Pages to formalize a space on each wikia that would tap into the collective knowledge and expertise on a community. These pages inform parents about age ratings, objectionable content, hidden costs, and more.

    Now, a year later, we have roughly 300 Parent Pages created across all of Wikia's categories. Today we're announcing new Parent Page portals under each Hub—Games, TV, Movies, Comics, M…

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    UPDATE: GO VOTE! Round 1 of the 2014 Battle of the Fantasy Foods is live now .

    It’s that time of year again - the Battle of the Fantasy Foods!

    Some of you may remember this bracket tournament from last year (previously known as Fictional Food Fight). This contest will determine what the greatest fantasy food fandom is in all the land. We know that there are a lot of amazing fan communities around Wikia that love absolutely EVERYTHING about that universe - from the characters to the locations to the storylines. Now it’s time for those fandoms to come out fighting for their foods!

    What’s new this year? We’re raising the stakes! This year’s Final Four foods will be featured in the first-ever Wikia Fantasy Food Truck at New York Comic-Con 2014 in …

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