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    Bugs and other issues

    January 23, 2013 by 452

    Over the time I've been here, I've reported many, many bugs to Wikia - some of which have been fixed, some which are still pending. Since I keep forgetting what I've reported and what still hasn't been fixed, it's time I made a well-overdue list.

    I've was going to make this list for a few months ago, but the introduction of lazy-loading broke visibility of close blog comments, so I was unable to access many of my old comments until recently.

    Phase one: a quick and dirty list, I'll sort them later.

    • Ticket, Date, Handler, Issue, Status
    • old13100, 2011-04-15, Dopp, Image Cache
    • old18092, 2011-05-03, Dopp, Deleted Vandalism appearing in followed pages
    • old20946, 2011-05-21, uberfuzzy, Image Cache (followup)
    • old25009, 2011-06-17, unknown, Page Protectio…

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