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  • 343TheGuiltyProphet

    Hello there, it's 343 again. I've created some blogs and today I'd like to create another. It's about how to go up in user rights the right way. Now, myself, when I first joined Wikia was keen to help out in any community I could. My heart was truly in the right place, but I went about it the complete wrong way. People used to consider me as power-obsessed and deranged but really, I just wanted to help. I know there are a lot of users out there with the same issue so I thought I'd help you.

    When you want to help a Wiki further, it's important that you have been there a while, know the Wiki well and can consider yourself one with the rules and the way the Wiki operates. So for example, if you thought you'd be a great moderator you have to cons…

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  • 343TheGuiltyProphet

    After doing some research and gathering some information from users, I've decided to make this blog about something called Wiki Depression.

    Sometimes, things don't always go according to plan on Wikia. The same as any other community driven project. When things don't go well, many things can occur within a community which can affect it's users. This includes the administration. The most common are as follows:

    • Feeling worthless to the community.
    • Feeling like the community doesn't need or want your help.
    • Feeling alone or no one to turn to for advise.
    • Consistent arguments within the community.

    This can result to something I've personally called Wiki Depression. I've made this blog so those who feel this sometimes know it's not just them. Anyone on …

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