Coding Picture 003

Well sometimes it happens, but it may be still worth sharing it.

Blogs are a perfect way to introduce people to a piece of coding you've made. Presenting it on Community Central is usually a good idea. Many users will see the blog post and thus the coding and that means it'll be used maybe. But how do you write the perfect technical blog?

Firstly it's important to write about what it is. Sounds very logic right? If you don't introduce to everybody what the coding is about it's likely nobody will even try it out. Think about what language the code is written in (css, js, wikitext), what the code will do, where people will find the things they can do with the code etc.

Besides that pictures are also important to add to your post. People like to see what they're going to see when if they install it. This also makes it easy to see how you can use it. On top of that it makes your blog post look professionally.

Furthermore it's better if you don't post 200 lines of coding on the blog itself. If it's a bunch of a code you can also give an import or a link to the code. Importing coding even has advantages; the code will automatically update for everybody.

Also add the code in a box. If you don't it may become a mess; something you totally don't want of course. People usually use tags for this. <pre></pre> and <syntaxhighlight lang="css"></syntaxhighlight> are most commonly used.

Moreover you may want to explain to users how they need to install the coding. A lot of users don't know anything about coding which means they may not be able to install it without an explanation. If it's about importing an import you can for example give links to personal coding pages and tell them that they need to copy and paste the code to that page.

Finally, since you're a pro at coding you can give the blog a nice layout. You don't have to customize the whole page of course. Adding some colors may even make it easier to understand and to find what users need.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I also hope it was helpful to you. Did you write a technical blog recently? Let me know in the comments of course!

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