You can add lots of stuff to your user page

After part 1 comes part 2 without a doubt. So here it is. In part 1 I've given some examples on what you may want to tell on your profile. Now I'm going to give you some tips on what you might want to show on your profile. And believe me, you definitely can show a lot.

From the wiki

If you're going to design a user page for a particular wiki you can add some helpful links for new users or users who don't know what to do. Think about the guidelines and rules, but also about the current projects etc. You can also post some links to pages you've been busy on lately and which you really like now. Besides that you can give some links to interesting blog posts you've written in the past. And last but not least you can post a quote.

Helpful links

Jr Mime has added a lot of helpful links and a cool quote

As you might already have seen on Community Central there are lots of profiles on which you can find helpful links. They usually link you to VSTF Wiki or Special:Contact. But you can also add links like Adoption:Requests, Special:Forum, Special:Chat, Help:Contents, Admin/ChatMod team and IRC-channels.

Your wikis

It's always cool to see what wikis people are on. For instance I've added a bunch of them on my profile. Three of them even with the wordmark of the wiki. And if you add them, people may visit the wiki and join it!

Images and videos

You can show everything you like with images and videos. You can show some nice chat moments. Or you can post some pictures of your favorite stuff. Although you don't see videos that often on profiles, you can add them of course.

Note: you can add music to your profile, but I advice that the music won't play automatically.


Want to know what people think? You can add a poll to get to know it. And just a random poll is also fun.

Community Highlights

That's something you only have on Community Central. If you've written a nice blog post you might earn a rosette. Usually Josephyr or Sannse will award you one. You can add it on your user page as well.

More information about highlights, please visit Community Central:Community Highlights.

WLB templates

The user boxes I have on my user page

Do you speak several languages? You may want to join the Wikia Language Brigade then. You can find the boxes for user pages here.

Editing statistics

Though statistics don't say that much (spammers have lots), you may want to add it. It's nice to show what you've been doing on the wiki. Below I've posted some example you can use.

Main: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/Main}}
Files: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/File}}
User talk: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/User_talk}}
Thread: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/Thread}}
Board thread: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/Board_thread}}
User: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/User}}
Templates: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/Template}}
MediaWiki: {{Special:Editcount/2Actimv/MediaWiki}}

As you may have seen already you need to remove my username and add yours instead.


Finally your user page is also a good place to show your coding skills. You can link to scripts you've posted on Dev Wiki for example. Or you can add some links to other places where your coding is located which other users can use.

I hope you've gained some ideas for your own user page from this post. In the next part I'm going to give some information on how you can design your user page.

What to tell? - What to show? - What to design?

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