2Actimv 2Actimv 11 May 2017

Predictor Wiki - Formula 1 Prediction Game

Check out Predictor Wiki!

Predictor Wiki is focused on bringing sports fans all over the world together. The main goal of the wiki is to organize prediction games for sports events like Formula 1, European and World Championships etc. We play for fun, not money.

To make predictions, we usually use the website Kicktipp for the prediction games. Kicktipp is a free to use website and registering is easy. Things we cannot organize on the website are organized on the wiki, for example on discussions. Apart from that you can meet fellow sports fans on the wiki to talk to.

At the moment we're organizing a Formula 1 prediction game which you can join here. You can predict the results of the qualifying round and the race. You'll also join one of the 1…

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2Actimv 2Actimv 10 June 2016

Euro 2016 Chat Skins

I'm again here with a couple of chat skins. It has been long ago since I posted a chat skin here. Partly because of my personal Chat Skins Wiki of course, but also because I kind of retired making any chat skins for some time. However I couldn't possible make not a chat skin for this amazing event.

UEFA Euro 2016 as it's called officially is the football tournament in which only European countries are allowed to participate (actually all member countries of the UEFA, but that's not that important currently). This year there'll be the highest number of participants in the actual tournament: 24. Also quite important to note; it's held in France this year. It all starts today at 21:00 (CET Time) in the Saint-Denis Stadium with the match France…

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2Actimv 2Actimv 13 April 2016

How to write a technical blog?

Blogs are a perfect way to introduce people to a piece of coding you've made. Presenting it on Community Central is usually a good idea. Many users will see the blog post and thus the coding and that means it'll be used maybe. But how do you write the perfect technical blog?

Firstly it's important to write about what it is. Sounds very logic right? If you don't introduce to everybody what the coding is about it's likely nobody will even try it out. Think about what language the code is written in (css, js, wikitext), what the code will do, where people will find the things they can do with the code etc.

Besides that pictures are also important to add to your post. People like to see what they're going to see when if they install it. This als…

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2Actimv 2Actimv 9 March 2016

A guide on user pages part 3: what to design?

In the last part I'm going to help you design a cool user page. I'll start with a very basic one and go developing it to something very cool. At the end you can find another other cool design you can use as well.

Maybe not as standard as you would've expected, but still. It consists of some borders at the top and bottom. Furthermore the text aligning, padding, font size and font family has been customized.

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2Actimv 2Actimv 4 March 2016

A guide on user pages part 2: what to show?

After part 1 comes part 2 without a doubt. So here it is. In part 1 I've given some examples on what you may want to tell on your profile. Now I'm going to give you some tips on what you might want to show on your profile. And believe me, you definitely can show a lot.
  • 1 From the wiki
  • 2 Helpful links
  • 3 Your wikis
  • 4 Images and videos
  • 5 Polls

If you're going to design a user page for a particular wiki you can add some helpful links for new users or users who don't know what to do. Think about the guidelines and rules, but also about the current projects etc. You can also post some links to pages you've been busy on lately and which you really like now. Besides that you can give some links to interesting blog posts you've written in the past. And last b…

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