Hello, everyone! I'm here to just advertise my wiki. Hopefully you'll think about joining it.

As most people enjoy Roleplaying, some people cannot find a wiki on wikia that is very diverse and will allow them to do whatever roleplay they want. Well, there's a solution.

The Roleplaying Wiki is a wiki that will allow you to do any sort of Roleplay you want. It's good for most people, because most people don't really have a centered topic. Those people who enjoy competitions such as Survivor or Big Brother can come to the wiki and host their own competition. Those of you who enjoy mysteries and such can make your own mystery game and have other users partake in it.

The wiki is just growing, so we will need quite a few users! And with summer coming in, we can hope for a rush of them to come here. Like Vampires and other fantasy creatures? Make a roleplay about them and get people to join it. Maybe you like quests and such? Make a roleplay about it and get people to join your quest or adventure.

You can make any roleplay you want on this wiki. Just be sure to read the rules first! I hope to see some of you there! :)

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