Love eachother, liek, now.

Remember, Brambleclaw...

Blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red...

But don't do that crime.. Dont follow your Father in your dreams..

But, you can use tooth and claw on Ashfur if you like, I really dont care personally.

Kill Ashfur, seriously though.. He's annoying and I want him dead because he took Squirrelflight from you.. He divided your souls, broke the line.. AND HE WILL DIE FOR IT.

Nah jk Brambleclaw, just stop acting like a stupid jerkoff and be nice to Squirrelflight, your a great couple D: You made Wolfheart sad, you see that? Now apoligize.. and be made deputy for my sake..

But dont use tooth and claw. You know what maybe I should just teach you in your dreams... Eh. Lets look at some pictures instead.

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