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About Me[]

Hi there, I'm ZioreRogue, aka as Ziore for short. I'm a normal editor who sometimes swings by here to read up on the help pages, useful blogs and interesting threads on Discussions. Sometimes when I'm stumped over something I ask for help here.


My Wikis[]

  • Empire Earth Wiki: This wiki is dedicated to the classic RTS game Empire Earth and its following sequels (Empire Earth II, Empire Earth III, Empire Earth Mobile) and expansion games (The Art of Conquest and The Art of Supremacy). I adopted the wiki a couple of years back and have learned a lot in working on it. If you know any of the games, I would love for you to check the wiki out!
  • Geronimo Stilton Wiki: This wiki is dedicated to the popular children's book series Geronimo Stilton and its spinoff series such as Thea Stilton, Kingdom of Fantasy etc, as well as the children's animated TV series. The wiki, which was abandoned for a few years, has been given a recent glow-up by its new bureaucrat River That Crashes Onshore. Do come and check it out!
  • Peter Pan Wiki: Despite being founded back in 2008, and having many subsequent adaptations of the original classic story book in the form of films, books, animated TV series, and even comics, this wiki was sadly abandoned and prone to vandalism attacks. I recently adopted it to clean it out and give it a bit of a boost, and am currently working to set it up properly. If you are familiar with any Peter Pan related material please do come and help out!

Wikis that need to be created[]

The following wikis are ones that I think need to be created and developed, and would have done so myself if I had the time.

  • The Island Castaway Wiki: The Island: Castaway is a PC hidden object game that covers the story of shipwrecked survivors on a dangerous island with secrets regarding its native people. It was followed by The Island: Castaway 2 which acted as a prequel, and The Island Castaway: Lost World, which is a mobile game which rewrites the first story and adds it's own new twists to the story. I have searched for this wiki a few times hoping that someone had already started it, as I was looking for the walkthroughs to see if I had missed something.
  • Kingdom of Fairytales: The Kingdom of Fairytales is a recent YA book series written by J.A. Armitage, covering classic fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella in epic retellings. I haven't read any of the books, but I think this is in much need of a wiki considering that there are already 48 books in the series.


For collapable header sections in infoboxes

<group collapse="{{#switch:{{{collapsed|}}}|true|yes|1=close|false|no|0=open|#default=close">

So the page content would be:

| collapsed = true

Credit:Headquarter8302 Link: [1]


Have categories at the bottom of a page uncollapsed by default.

// Uncollapse categories by default.
$(function() {



Selectively target tabbers in infoboxes using <galler> or <tabber> tags, and tabbers in page.

/* Tabber outside of PI. */
:not(.pi-image-collection) > .wds-tabs__tab.wds-is-current {
  background: green;
/* Non-gallery tabbers inside PI <data>. */
.pi-data-value .wds-tabber .wds-tabs__tab.wds-is-current {
  background: red;
/* Gallery/tabbers inside PI <image> . */
.pi-image-collection.wds-tabber .wds-tabs__tab.wds-is-current {
  background: blue;