Hello there <insert name here>! My name is Zampapes and I am a huge fan of DragonVale. I like hanging out in the live chat on weekends sometimes and making suggestions! Please check them out, they are on my blog.

Some Things About Me

Favorite Color: Sky Blue
Favorite Gemstone Dragon: Ovalith Dragon
Favorite Crystalline Dragon: Tourmaline Dragon
Favorite Ornamental Dragon: Dazzling Dragon
My first blog post!

My DragonVale and Other StuffEdit

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Dragon Checklist Edit

Wolfie's awesome buddy!

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This may not be up to date.

League of Legends My usename is: I love bdd. Please send me a message telling me who you are from the wiki if you play LoL too.

The Sims 3 My username is: Mylegisalive and my avatar is a Peashooter.
Pokemon Showdown My username is: zampapes2. Please send me a message telling me who you are from the wiki.
Paladins My username is: Zampapes.

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