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Guns is the main antagonist in the amateur short film, Freedom Reigns

He first appears with one of his henchmen as they walk into Arnold Freedom's office. After his assistant gets defeated by Arnold Freedom, he pulls him out from under the table where he hid. An argument about the death of Guns' father insues. He then punches the hero in face out of anger.

After that, it turns out the scenario was the filming of a movie. Arnold Freedom in an actor and director named Steven and Guns is an actor named Wilson (whose named is never mentioned in the film). Steven gets mad at Wilson for not fake-punching well, Cameron for being on his phone while filming, and Mikey for allowing the boom microphone to be visible (though it is possible that it was another person who was told by Mikey to be the boom operater since Mikey was acting in that scene as well). After his rant, he walks out of the room leaving Wilson, Mikey, and Cameron wondering what to do.

During the climax of the film, Guns and his two henchmen walk in the room after. His henchmen run towards Steven and Agent Wolfe and have them held hostage. Steven makes an observation that they are getting ambushed. Guns then compliments his observation in an evil way. Steven tries to comfort Agent Wolfe by saying he is just acting intimidating and will not hurt them. However, Guns starts asking rhetorical questions about him being intimidating and sadistically kills Agent Wolfe by strangling her to death. He then precedes to insult Steven by saying he is nothing without his weapon and friend. However, his cruel words fail to put Steven down as he becomes Arnold Freedom, gives a speech about freedom in general, and punches him in the face and thus killing him in the process. As Guns lies dead, his two redeemed henchmen salute Arnold Freedom.



  • His good counterpart, Wilson, is the only character whose named is never mentioned.
  • Although the main villain of the film, he only appears once in the climax.
    • The first scene does not count since it was Wilson playing Guns.


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