aka YoungLuiy

  • I live in Saint John's, Antigua
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is Recording Artist
  • I am Male
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* <u>Telephone</u>: 1268-732-4487
* <u>Telephone</u>: 1268-732-4487 or or 
Sites:[[]] or [[]] , [[]] , [[]]
Sites:[[]] or [[]] , [[]] ,
* <u>Google Search</u>: Young Luiy or YoungLuiyMusiq
* <u>Google Search</u>: Young Luiy or YoungLuiyMusiq

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IMG 1505

YoungLuiy, Antigua Youth Got Talent 2015

  • Artist 

Christopher “Young Luiy” Howell

  • Hometown 

Originally from Clarendon,Kingston, Jamaica  Currently residing in St. John’s Antigua

  • Art Form 

Hip Hop/ RnB

  • Songs Recorded 

Be Real Remix  Asap  Freak Prt2  Back2Back Freestyle  Ayo Remix  Roll Up Remix  Marvin’s Room Remix  Fall for Your Type Remix  Like A Star Freestyle

  • Musical Journey 

2007 - Currently

  • Birth Year 

December 1996

  • Occupation 

Event Co-coordinator

  • Contact 
  • Telephone: 1268-732-4487 or or , ,

  • Google Search: Young Luiy or YoungLuiyMusiq

Offical Words Of YoungLuiy

"My love for this art craft is unconditional, many people have said horrible things to me about why don't you do dance-hall or reggae aren't you from Jamaica, But most times i just laugh and get on with it because at the end of the day they all love me and love my music, but at the end of the day a little criticism is good in order to elevate myself to that higher pedistol that i need to be."

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