Yellow Flash of the Leaf

aka Johnathan Drake, Mrs. Heartfilia

  • I live in New Orleans, Joint Neutralisation (US, UK)
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Europe, my army went into occupation of Europe
  • I am Female/Male, whatever you want to believe, shiz :3
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O ello there <insert name here>. I am BlazeFireXXXX, called Tensa by noobs, and Blaze by longer, respected users. I'm a long time user on this wiki, and I am a chat mod on the Z Crushers Strike Force Wiki. Look at this page and you shall find out.

I thought sex was a noun, not a verb." -The Young 6 Year old Blaze
When mum and dad were making cake, I saw them." -My Sister, Toph, Age 7
I'm 69 years old and I use Viagra." -Old Guy from Troll Wiki
Sex is a pleasureful experience, Johnny-san. It is amazing, until you realize you made the woman pregnant." -Mordecai, Blaze's Oldest Brother
"Listen, Johnathan. The world is full of mysteries, mountains and hills. You can't simply get your balls and go over them. You need courage and pride. That's what makes you a man. It doesn't matter how much essence you can give, it doesn't matter how much women you get, it matters that you can endure your life with confidence and belief in yourself. Then AFTER you attain all that then you can have lots of sex. :P " - My father

About MeEdit

My name (nickname) is Johnny. I've watched Dragon Ball ever since I was a toddler (but it was in French, so yeah.) Most of my collections and toys of DB are still back at my old house in Britain, but I don't collect much anymore. I go to college at Louisiana State University, and I am currently a Sophomore student. I used to play basketball during my high school years, and I still enjoy playing it. I like to read my stories, such as Artemis Foul, Inheritance, or The Red Pyramid in my spare time. I'm a lover boy type kid, who usually acts well in school and flirts with girls using my beautiful French.


Well, my nicknames came from Johnathan, which is my full first name. I'm rarely called Flynn, since I have a brother named Flynn, whom I act like at times. Johnny is a name I'm given by my bros and Father, and it has (somehow) spread to my little sister. Johnny Bravo is a viaration of my name, as it was from a blonde muscular cartoon character from Cartoon Network (some of you should know him.)

Things I envyEdit

  • Reading
  • Writing Stories
  • Basketball
  • Sleeping
  • Guitar playing
  • Getting girls
  • Shooting random birds

Favorites and ...the othersEdit


  1. Bird: Cardinal or Raven
  2. Foods: Enchiladas, Tacos, Spagetti, Pizza, Choros, Fish and Chips (don't ask.) Roast Beef
  3. Animals: Birds, Snakes, Lion, Tiger, Puma, Panther, Cheetah
  4. Song: Fort Minor: Remember The Name, PSY- Gangnam Style
  5. Candy: Sour Skittles
  6. Cartoon: Johnny Bravo, TMNT, Foster's Home for Imaginary Kids, Ren and Stimpy, Cow and Chicken, Spongebob (1999-2004), Jimmy Neutron, Fairy OddParents (2001-2005), Family Guy, Chowder, Misadventures of Flapjack
  7. Anime: Ruroni Kenshin, Dragon Ball, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Casshern Sins, Cowboy Bebop, Deadman Wonderland, Death Note, Pokemon, Digimon. The Legend of Korra, Avatar the Last Airbender
  8. TV Show: Walking Dead, Burn Notice, Entourage, Dexter, Femme Fetales

The Others (Hates)Edit

  1. Bird: Robin
  2. Foods: ....
  3. Animals: Donkey (###)
  4. Song: Any Elvis Song
  5. Candy: Chocolate Tootsie Rolls
  6. Cartoon: Anything 2011+ (besides new TMNT)
  7. Anime: Dragon Ball (Kai), Monsuno

Favorite DB CharactersEdit

  1. Bardock: Badass.
  2. Bardock: ......Badass.
  3. Gohan: Worked for want he wanted. I liked that.
  4. Vegeta: Got a little soft, but still ended up here
  5. Tien: Hell, he tried.
  6. Krillin: Owned Count: 69
  7. Goku: Expected him to be Number 1? HELL NO. Took the spotlight from Gohan
  8. Piccolo: .....Sat there and meditated all day.

Least FavoriteEdit

  2. Bulla: Waste of time
  3. Hercule: Why? Just why? Damn show off.
  4. Bulma: Got annoying
  5. Baby: ....I hated him so bad.
  6. Broly: All (he) can say is, "KAKAROT!"

Fav Sports TeamsEdit

  • NBA: Memphis Grizzlies, Brooklyn Nets
  • NFL: Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins

Facts about BlazeEdit

  • Was born on November 30, 1993 at 7:37 AM at St. Thomas Hospital in London, Britain
  • Middle name is Nathan-Flynn
  • Moved to United States at 12
  • Is Quarter Spanish, Quarter French, and Half British
  • I am 6'6 and weigh 156 lbs. Gained weight because of Basketball.
  • I am the 6th oldest along my siblings. Starts with Mordecai (age 36), Leo (age 33), Flynn (age 29), Jason (age 24), Neil (age 21) Me, Johnny (age 19), and my younger sister Raven (age 14) I love them and respect them.
  • I always played basketball since I was 3, and I was on some kind of basketball team since until I ended High School (age 18) I always got to practice with my Father when he came back from his ambassador trips. My father used to play football when he was in High School in Madrid, Spain
  • I was given the intelligence to use it as it was needed to be used, and so I used it correctly. I now possess a GPA of 3.9 as a Sophomore in college. I shall finish with a 4.0 at the end of Sophomore year, and hopefully for the rest of my college years.
  • I have consumed a bottle of whiskey in my life. I'm considered, "dad's tough man."
  • Pepsi is my shining drink. I drink it anytime I get my hand on it.
  • I had a pet python, but it was unfortunately eaten by my sister's mongoose (seriously, A MONGOOSE?)

Thx for looking. It took forever! :)

Now I'm done. Phew.

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