These are some frequently asked questions I've come across in Community Central chat a lot, and their answer.

Can I be unblocked on XX Wiki? Edit

I'm sorry, but Community Central chat mods and admins can't do anything to change your block on other wikis! What you can do instead, is go to the message wall of the admin who blocked you, and post them a message:

  • Make sure to be polite! If you're rude, or you "demand" to be unblocked, the admin won't be very likely to unblock you.
  • Explain what your intentions were when making the edits that got you banned; let the admin know 1) why you think your edits weren't wrong or 2) that you understand your edits were wrong and regret what you did.
  • Let the admin know that your intentions for the future are good, and that you will try to avoid whatever you did wrong.

If this doesn't work out for you, you might need to find another wiki to edit. There are many thousands of other wikis on Wikia where you can still continue to edit :)

If you really think the admin is unfair and just blocked you because he/she's racist or the like, you can also talk to Staff about it, but they often don't lift local blocks, even if they were just made "for fun".

See also: User blog:Sannse/How to Get Unblocked
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How do I enable chat hacks? Edit

First, your personal javascript needs to be enabled. Read up on Help:Personal CSS and JS and then go to the bottom of the "Under the Hood" section of Special:Preferences to put a checkbox next to that option.

After that, go to Special:MyPage/global.js (or, if you only want it on one wiki, go to Special:MyPage/wikia.js of that wiki) and add the following code:

/* Chat hax */
importScriptPage('User:Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js', 'c');

Don't forget to clear your cache after publishing your global.js page. The instructions on how to do this depend on your browser, and are written on Special:MyPage/global.js.

How do I make infoboxes? Edit

The explanation is a bit long, so we can't really take up an hour in chat to explain. However, there's a lot of helpful links you can instead for that:

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