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Personal Information[]

Hello <insert name here>. I'm Xyvier, but you can call me Xyv, I was born on January 11 and I live in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. My hobbies are:

  • Pencil Sketching - I really love pencil sketching! For me, it is a way of creating a true masterpiece expressing with emotional feeling, either it is positive or negative emotions.
  • Playing Piano - Well, like my other relatives (cousins, aunts, uncles) always play piano, especially my parents does too play it so maybe I could do some new things and actually, I'm kinda bad at it, but hey, gonna keep practicing. I really enjoy playing it, because of the soothing melody. I tried playing one of my favorite soundtracks PMD Run Away Fugitive - Piano Version, and I made some progress. Maybe I'll try another one right after this.

My Favorites[]

Playing Video Games

Well, there are other games that I've played and it is not how you just play it, you just have to learn from and understand the process of the game. These are the basic concept of becoming a great gamer. because a gamer must be:
1. Resourceful - managing limited resources in the game, eg; upgrading and creating more resources producers and storage are more efficient than building defensive towers in the beginning of the game.
2. Strategist - knowing the strength and weakness of your enemy using the four basic principles of management; Making a plan, to organize, lead and control your units to victory!
3. Critical Thinker - Think fast or you'll be last! Be aware of every move you'll step and every action you'll take, otherwise, you'll ended up with a single blow.

Playing With My Dogs

Dogs are loyal to owners because of what they've felt for their master and protecting against any harm. My dogs are simply cute and adorable. They are just not pets, they are now part of the family! And oh golly, I have 8 dogs, but we gave 1 for my cousin as a gift and now we have 7 but we consider that 1 puppy, the name and the 5th puppy is Chumby because she is very cute little chubby puppy, even we got separated but I'm pretty sure she's in good hands. Here are the following dogs I currently have:
  • Bella, the female Pure Terrier
  • Edward, the half-breed male Labrador and Shih Tzu
  • Jacob, the half-breed female Chihuahua and Shih Tzu

Bella and Edward are now parents and now they have 5 new puppies! They look like terriers except 1 that looks like my dog, Edward and here are the following:

1. Avatar, the male mix-breed terrier
2 & 3. Pia and Ella, the female mix-breed terrier
4. Diday, the black mix-breed dog

Collecting Toy Cars I spend a lot of time playing racing games because I really want to race and become the first place, to become the drifter and a racer. I also collect toy cars because of the Style, Speed and the Sound of the engine of the car (SSS). Most of my toy car collection are Lamborghini and it is one of my most favorite car of all brand and I collected some Porsche toy cars as well.

My Favorite Car As I mentioned above, the Lamborghini is one of my most favorite car of all brand. Although it's not the fastest, but the style is made for perfection and the sound of the engine is like a roar of an F1 formula. All cars have different classes:

  • Class D - Sports
  • Class C - Performance
  • Class B - Super
  • Class A - Exotic
  • Class S - Hyper

But my personal favorite car is Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce Roadster, which is an exotic car. There are a lot of Lamborghini cars that I'm extremely interested like Reventon, Huraćan, Veneno, Sesto Elemento, Murciélago, Asterion and Gallardo; these are the selected cars that I want to race in every racing games like Need For Speed Rivals and other NFS series as well as Asphalt 8 Airborne.

Speed doesn't matter to win a race as long you have skills like a pro.

My Favorite Wild Animal

Rabbits are cute, it can be a good pet and these fuzzy-looking critters are part of my favorite wild animals, along with otters, crocodiles, deers and birds. The most interesting part of a rabbit is that they can dig and make an undergroud tunnel to protect against predators which is good defensive strategy.