Hello, friend! I'm Woganhemlock/Wogan/WH, or whatever you prefer. If you're seeing this template, I've made an edit on this wiki, perhaps to help someone with something, passing through to leave someone a message, or I've got an interest in the topic of your wiki and I've made a few contributions.
A little about me:
  • I've been on Wikia since March 2011 and for most of that time I've been a contributor to The Sims Wiki, where I am an admin/bureaucrat. for more info see my main userpage
Contact me:
  • IRC (freenode network) - /query woganhemlock - hostmask - @wikia/Woganhemlock
  • Local talk page
  • Main talk page your best bet is one of the talkpages as I really should try to get on IRC more often
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