Withersoul 235

aka Wither

  • I live in Flanders, Belgium
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is aspiring gamedev, animator, programmer, writer
  • I am Male
  • Bio If you punch an eggplant, it punches back.
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Might make something out of this. Might not.

Either way, head to my userpages on my prime wikis for more info.

My main wikis:

Wiki Ranks / Position Status Notes
The Death Battle Fanon Wiki Bureaucrat Active
Character Stats and Profiles Wiki Founder, Head Bureaucrat Active
Minecraft Fanfictions Wiki Head Bureaucrat Active I received my rights through adoption (kind of)
The Stanley Parable Wiki Head Bureaucrat Semi-Active I received my rights through adoption
Minecraft Mods Wiki Bureaucrat Semi-Active
Glitchtale Wikia Admin Semi-Active
Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki None Semi-Active Primarily active on the social spots on the wiki; with a bunch of edits on a community project
Flash Gaming Wiki Bureaucrat Semi-Active
Villains Wiki None Semi-Active

Former Main Wikis

Wiki (Former) Ranks Reason for Departure
Fantendo None My urge to never work on my projects after I start them.
Five Nights at Freddy's Fanon Wiki None Loss of interest in FNaF

Other Accounts

  • Steam: The Withered Accomplice
  • Origin: Nucleus82
  • uPlay: Mfskelaini
  • E-mail:
  • GameFAQS: ShatteredLight (should use this more often tbh)
  • Minecraft: WitheredStriker
  • Amino: Withersoul 235 / The Withered Accomplice (varies per Amino) [I barely ever use this, just to let you know]
  • OpenGeoFiction: Withersoul 235
  • Kahoot: LVDP01
  • Linoit: Flassico
  • Wix: Withersoul235
  • Game Oldies: The Withered Accomplice
  • DeviantArt: WitheredAccomplice
  • Twitch: TheWitheredAccomplice
  • Discord: Withered Striker#0001 (I do not use the voice chat except with real life friends)
  • SSF2: ShatteredLight
  • Wattpad: WitheredAccomplice
  • The Withered Accomplice
  • Withered Accomplice
  • Wikidot: Nucleus82
  • Tumblr: witheredessence467 (My account got deleted for some reason, consider this archived)

I have Skype and Facebook as well, but those are highly personal. If you somehow find me and send me an invitation, friend request or message, I will instantly block you (and remove your post from my timeline), no matter who you are. Sorry.

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