Withersoul 235

aka Wither

  • I live in Flanders, Belgium
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is aspiring gamedev, animator, programmer, writer
  • I am Male
  • Bio The UCP sucks
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Might make something out of this. Might not.

Either way, head to my userpages on my prime wikis for more info.

My main wikis:

Wiki Ranks / Position Status Notes
The Death Battle Fanon Wiki Bureaucrat Active
Character Stats and Profiles Wiki Founder, Head Bureaucrat Active
Minecraft Animation Wiki Founder, Head Bureaucrat Active
The Stanley Parable Wiki Head Bureaucrat Semi-Active I received my rights through adoption
Minecraft Mods Wiki Bureaucrat Inactive
Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki None Semi-Active Primarily active on the social spots on the wiki; with a bunch of edits on a community project
Flash Gaming Wiki Bureaucrat Semi-Active
Villains Wiki None Semi-Active

Former Main Wikis

Wiki (Former) Ranks Reason for Departure
Fantendo None My urge to never work on my projects after I start them.
Five Nights at Freddy's Fanon Wiki None Loss of interest in FNaF

Other Accounts

  • Steam: Wither the Striker
  • Origin: WitheredStriker
  • Uplay: WitheredStriker
  • Good Old Games Galaxy: Withered_Striker
  • Epic Games Store: Withered Striker (I ONLY use this for the free games. I don't play Fortnite, at all.)
  • Alstraban#2430
  • Rockstar Launcher: PurloWither
  • WitheredStriker
  • E-mail:
  • GameFAQS: ShatteredLight (should use this more often tbh)
  • Minecraft: WitheredStriker
  • Amino: Withersoul 235 / The Withered Accomplice (varies per Amino) [I barely ever use this, just to let you know]
  • OpenGeoFiction: Withersoul 235
  • Kahoot: LVDP01
  • Linoit: Flassico
  • Wix: Withersoul235
  • Game Oldies: The Withered Accomplice
  • DeviantArt: WitheredAccomplice
  • Twitch: TheWitheredAccomplice
  • Discord: Withered Striker#0001 (I do not use the voice chat except with real life friends)
  • SSF2: ShatteredLight
  • Wattpad: WitheredAccomplice
  • The Withered Accomplice
  • Withered Accomplice
  • Wikidot: Nucleus82
  • Tumblr: witheredessence467 (My account got deleted for some reason, consider this archived)

I have Skype and Facebook as well, but those are highly personal. If you somehow find me and send me an invitation, friend request or message, I will instantly block you (and remove your post from my timeline), no matter who you are. Sorry.

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