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Hi there! I'm a former Wiki Manager here at Fandom, as well as a frequent user of the site in my free time. In my job capacity, I created many basic wikis, while in my time before and after working at Fandom (as well as my spare time during the job), On this wiki, most of my time is spent on trying to get help with inter-wiki problems. I also used this wiki as my base of operations for an eight-way Chima wiki merger. Additionally, I've made a wiki of wiki-building resources, if you want to use any of them for wiki-building.

I've created wikis on the following topics:

CelesteComplex AgeGal to KyōryūHitmanKimi dake in MoteitaindaThe Legend of Luo XiaoheiMarine Corps YumiThe Ride-On KingRikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite MitaShounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chanSonic FandomSound and FurySuper Phantom CatTannishou wo Hiraku

I've extensively edited wikis on the following topics:

AiuraChimaDiabloElectricmanExplodingTNTHero FactoryCHOYOYU!: High School ProdigiesInazuma ElevenKuroko no BasukeLeviusSonicSonic Fanon