This page is basically my signature. Credit for this signature is requested and yes, i, WikiPim made it myself! Walkthrough however is blatently copied (and adjusted afterwards) from Monchoman45 ;) When copying, do give credit to original creators!

If you'd like, you can use this as your signature. Just follow the steps here: Notice, because this signature is a complex coded signature, it may take you some time to comprehend it. Also notice that some code tags and nowiki tags have been added for readability when published.

  1. Click "Edit" or "View source code".
  2. Copy everything on this page.
  3. Go to your Userpage.
  4. Add "/SigReal" to the end of the URL in the URL bar.
  5. Click "Add content to this page" or "Edit".
  6. Paste what you copied here on that page.
  7. Look closely in the code you have pasted - wherever you see my name, change it to yours. Note: It may help to press Ctrl+F and type my name in the bar. This will highlight all the places where my name appears.
  8. My sig has a link to the wiki I use the most. You probably want to change that link to a wiki you use. To find the link, Ctrl+F and search "S&P".
  9. Change "S&P" (Right here and directly above) to the wiki you are linking to.
  10. Search and find <UL> tag. From that point, the drop down items starts.
  11. Every line between <li> and </li> is about a new line in the drop down menu. Adjust according to your needs.
  12. Keep it civil, no more then 10 lines of dropdown should be used. Best is to limit yourself to 7.
  13. Do notice that at the bottom of the page drop down menu's become fully transparant. This code is also not providing for a different color then the standard button color of the wiki it is placed on.
  14. >>IMPORTANT<<: Line breaks make this signature crash. All code should be attached to one another.
  15. Save the page.
  16. Check to make sure that the page was saved properly - if you edit the page again, your code should end with </span></li></ul></div>. If the </span></li></ul></div> is missing, add it back in and save again or the signature will not display correctly.
  17. In the URL bar, change "/SigReal" to "/Sig".
  18. Copy the code on User:WikiPim/Sig and paste it in your /Sig page.
  19. Change my name to yours.
  20. Go to Special:Preferences. Under the "Custom Signature" heading, enter the following: {{SUBST:User:Yourname/Sig|{{SUBST:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}}}}. (Omit the <code> and <nowiki> tags). Notice: This signature will now display time in US standards (month, day, year), if you like the European standard (day, month, year) then use this code: {{subst:User:Yourname/Sig|{{subst:#time: H:i,j/M/Y}}}}. (Remove the <code> and <nowiki> tags) as above.
  21. Check the "Use custom signature" box and click save.
  22. You're done! Now when you sign, always use only three tildes (~~~).
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