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So, I am Whistle9. No, there is no particular meaning behind the name; I just had the phrase "whistle time" in my head when I made it. I am the primary administrator of the Medaka Box Wiki, the Zaregoto Series Wiki, the Katanagatari Wiki, and the secondary administrator of the Bakemonogatari Wiki. I've always been a fan of Medaka Box, even after the shift in tone that turned so many people off the series. I came to the wiki three times looking for information, and each time, I was sorely disappointed with the state of the place. Then, on my third visit, I had an epiphany: if no one else was going to change things, then why not me? I dug up the password to the wiki account I had created but never used, made some edits here and there, and soon after sent an adoption request to Community Central. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After that, I soon found my way here as a matter of course, and this site has been an immeasurably helpful resource as I fumble my techno-illiterate way about. It is all thanks to what I have found here that I've been able to maintain the illusion that I actually have some idea as to what I'm doing.

And ... that's all I can think to say for the time being. What else is there? I am afraid I am an exceptionally boring person. To anyone who actually finds my obscure little account, I apologize for not having a witty and intelligent bio prepared for you. But honestly, if you went to all the trouble of finding me, you must have some free time on your hands. So why not click the links, and make a few edits to the wikis above?

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Exactly what it says on the tin. Where I've been mentioned without having to mention myself.