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My contributed work is found around the world. Here is a good list of some of the stuff.

  • Some of my hand-designed Mosaic Mug/Cup Coasters & Bunting can be seen at Smile4Life Charity's Cafe Beam in Gosforth, Newcastle - upon - Tyne, Tyne & Wear, North East, England, United Kingdom. On public display and usage from 2012-present.
  • My photos were on display at the local artists and photographers art gallery, The Biscuit Factory, also here in Newcastle. On public display only in the year 2015.
  • My photos that I took at the world-famous open air museum Beamish Museum here in the North East of England, my photos appear in the 15th June 2015 Beamish Museum Magazine Summer Issue June 2015. Credited photographer.
  • My artwork is tagged with the usual hashtags on my Flickr portfolio, Twitter profile, Facebook profile and privately on my Instagram profile (set in Private to stop spammers.). I contribute Fanart, Watercolour, Sharpie and other artwork.
  • I take photos using my digital camera, my iPhone (previous cameraphones) and my analogue camera since 1998.
  • I upload 7 to 10 new videos every week and I contribute to FANDOM a lot during the weeks since 2010.
  • I tend to brag about myself a lot, which is kind of part of what other Autistic people do.
  • I also have Warren Woodhouse Syndrome, a ultra rare genetic condition, medically documented in an old copy of the British Medical Journal. CLICK HERE for further details.
  • I also make music too, both on SoundCloud and on my YouTube Channel regularly. See my music at here if you're interested.


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The list also includes all of the websites I've worked with along with friends, fans, family and others websites that I've become interested in.


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