aka Vaizar

  • I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is Student, Wikian
  • I am Male

About MEEdit

Hi! My name is Vaizar, real name undisclosed. I moved from Korea to the United States nearly 5 years ago, living in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My English is pretty good, and I can speak it quite fluently. However, I am native to Japan and know the language quite well, although I am forgetting some. I am also rather decent at Korean. Addtionally, I have taken a class of Chinese wherever I've lived, so I can read, write, and speak it rather well. Anyways, I am new to Wikia and think it is an interesting concept that I hope to get involved in.

League of LegendsEdit

I am also a League of Legends player, currently ranked bronze III. Yeah, I'm bad. I play on the NA server, named VaizarA. Visit me on the League of Legends Wiki!

Knowledge, and the Pursuit of itEdit

I am also dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, because knowledge makes the world that much brighter and easier to understand. Therefore, I saw fit to join Wikipedia, the greatest knowledge sharing site in the world. You can find me on Wikipedia here.


As of now, I know 4 languages, which can be seen below. I originate from Japan, which I am native to and can speak rather fluently, but I have also lived in Korea and learned Korean and am currently living in the U.S in Wyoming. Also, I have taken a Chinese class since 3rd grade. However, my Japanese is declining since I've lived elsewhere for so long. Languages have always been a rather influential part of my life.

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My favorite wikisEdit

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