That´s me

Hi, I´m born in 1966 November the 14th. in Hagen, Germany.

I love Science-Fiction, since 1978. It start´s with STAR WARS, as I was 12 years old.

At this time I started to read books from Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Assimov and some german Sci-Fi Authors. I also like the german Novel-Series PERRY RHODAN.


I started to write Science-Fiction Stories in 1984. First Original-Fiction - later also Fan-Fiction, mostly STAR TREK but also STARGATE-ATLANTIS, SPACE 2063, BABYLON 5 and BUCK ROGERS.


All artwork by Ulrich "Ulimann644" Kuehn (just me).

I create 3D-Meshes, Covers and Artworks for my Original-Fictions und Fan-Fictions. Like this picture at the right side - for my newest Fan-Fiction: STAR TREK - AFTERMATH.

This is my gallery on deviantART:
My artworks on deviantART

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