aka Noivern

  • I live in Kalos (England IRL)
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is Dragon/Flying type Pokémon
  • I am Male (He/Him pronouns)
  • Bio Hello, Travjt here, just your usual fandom user! I am here to help the wiki and the users. If you’re interested, i like the following things: Mario, Sonic, Minecraft, Pokemon, Spongebob, Wallace and Gromit, CN shows (my favourites are The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go!, Ninjago.), Disney films, HTF, and a few other stuff. BTW, I’m male, British and my real name is James.
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hello, I am Travjt. I am here to help out the wikia. Not much to know about me, bu I play Pokémon Go. I have Pokemon over 2000 CP listed here. Btw Flareon is 100IV.

I also have a PFP gallery like most other users. Here.

Finally, if you want to friend me on Pokémon Go, the code is 3536 3905 9537.

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