The Valader

aka Val

  • I live in Heaven on Earth
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Writer, Interpreter and Translator
  • I am Male

The Valader

Hi I am the Valader, as told on the title of this page, I'm what is called in wikipedia as a WikiWikzard. I fight for the keeping and conservation of articles, I fight vandalism. I'm also very familiar with the wiki syntax, some html and can give some tips of how to run a wiki, if need me, I'm also in the following wikis helping:
  • SporeWiki[1]
  • Star Trek Online Wiki[2]
  • StarCraft Wiki[3]
  • Fiction Wiki[4]
  • Clash of Titans Wiki[5]

Contact me on one of these, have a nice day.

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