The 888th Avatar

aka wjxhuang

  • I live in Melbourne, Australia
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is writer, student
  • I am Kung Fu Action Jesus

Hi! I'm The 888th Avatar (also known as wjxhuang), and I've been around on Wikia since November 2008. I'm an administrator on Avatar Wiki and previously volunteered for Wikia in 2012-2013.

What do I do on Wikia? I tend to involve myself in many aspects of a wiki at once: as a wikifairy, wikignome and a wikielf. I enjoy helping out by formulating strategies to help a wiki succeed, constructing effective policies and guidelines, and tinkering with design.

Who am I in real life? In real life, I'm a Chinese Australian who is studying Arts and Law at Monash University. I'm interested in the latest technology, world travel, liberal and international politics, and history.

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