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  • I live in Norway
  • I am Male
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==About me==
I'm a norwegian user, and adm. on [[w:c:no.sims:|Simmenes Wiki (Norwegians The Sims Wiki)]]. I love Wikia. It's the best thing on internet I know! Tanks for it exist!
==My favorite wikis==
* [[w:c:no.sims|Simmenes Wiki]]
* [[w:c:no.harrypotter|Harry Potter Wiki]]

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Name theSIMofNorwegian
Nickname theSIM

Hi! My name is theSIMofNorwegian, and I love Wikia. I work for a better community between the Norwegian Wikia Wikis, and now I'm re-starting Norwegian Community Central.I'm often found on Norwegian wikis and Community Central. Now I'm planning how to get the Norwegian Community I'm seeking for.

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