aka Pella

  • I live in my house, duh
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is househusband
  • I am a dude
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My nickname is Pella. Pella is a Dravidian word that means, "elephant". Dravidian is an ancient language still spoken in southern India, and elephants are my favourite animals. Now you know.

My favorite wikiasEdit

Areas of expertiseEdit

Grammar and proofreadingEdit

Proofreading comes completely naturally to me. If I'm reading, I'm proofreading. In other words, I just can't help but notice errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. If you want an English-language document or page checked for correctness, I'm you guy! :-D


I love to write templates. If it's used more than once, and it can be templated, I'll probably create one. As a result, I'm sort of a semi-expert on templates in Wikitext. I don't know anything about Lua yet, though I want to learn soon (probably early 2016).


Again, not a guru, but I'm learning quickly.

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