aka Me

  • I live in The Multiverse
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Playing Games and Stuff. Also, Finding Things in Games.
  • I am an Apache Helicopter
  • Bio Coder, Heads Multiple Wikis, Datamines those games when possible
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Why Hello There.

Hi, I'm ThePokegeek5000, and I am a Person an Apache Helicopter.

I'm decent with wikitext and templates, as well as CSS. (Need Help? Just Ask.)

Note to All: I formerly called myself "Pokegeek5000", but then I ran across Pokegeek5000 Roblox and pokeGeek5000 Ninja Kiwi, so I changed in a very uncreative way: Added a "The" at the beginning of my name.

I am the Bureaucrat or Admin of a Few Wikis. They are as follows:

Bureaucrat: Wiki, the Wiki, the Wiki, the Wiki, and My Test Wiki and My Secret Labs Wiki.

Any Questions? Feel Free to Ask Me on my Message Wall.

Also, Feel the Power of CSS:

Feel the Power

Introducing my YouTube channel that I would post things on... If I had a screen recorder that is free and works good. If you can let me know of one, feel free!

Also, My Accounts. One missing? Probably intentional.

My Accounts
FANDOM This one of course. Why even ask.
Discord ThePokegeek5000#2428
NinjaKiwi thepokegeek5000 ThePokegeek5000

And... music I like.

Most of the music I listen to has no lyrics.

Name/Link Artist Lyrics? Other
March of the Lunar Priests Ra No
A Slavic Farewell Vasilij Agapkin (edited by John R. Bourgeois) No - Band Song main page, a bit choppier than I heard in person.


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