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Community Central

The (facetiously named) New Wiki Order is an unofficial, closely knit team of Fandom users who help improve and clean up wikis about topics they are interested in. The team originates from the Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank Wikis, though is currently based out of their Discord server, and reaches out to other wikis to propose and make improvements, including:

  • Improving, if not redesigning, the wiki's home page and skin.
  • Porting over standardized, performance- and maintenance-focused templates and associated CSS and JS (including to and from the Fandom Open Source Library).
  • Writing and guiding policy discussions to ones that lead to optimal coverage of the subject.
  • Cleaning up unused templates, images, and categories, and improving MediaWiki pages.
  • Cleaning up maintenance reports.
  • Organizing consistent category systems, with a goal to make them intuitive and conforming to the relevant franchise's needs.
  • General help and advice.

Note that most of their contributions have to do with management, maintenance, code, and design. They rarely focus on content, except for their core wikis (see below). As they are not an official Fandom team, they act purely on a volunteer basis and not by directive, and do not have special user rights; if the local community approves their support, they will be granted temporary sysop rights until they are finished and until the local community is satisfied.

Previous work[]