My name is Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski. I am a proud member of Wikia's daring technical team and work to make your wikia experience ever more smooth and enjoyable™ every weekday (since June 1, 2007).

My work at Wikia

Currently, I take care of all those little things that need fixing, like adding new interwiki links, changing or adding namespaces and moving wikis around. There are dozens of requests like these each week and I try to keep the time you have to wait for them to be resolved down to a minimum.

I am also the guy who imports new wikis and does mergers of existing wikis with those of communities wishing to join the Wikia family.

Of course, in such a vibrant company as Wikia, you can never know for sure what you're going to be working on next. Which I find to be incredibly cool... Most of the times. :)

A little bit about me


No, we don't have to wear suits at work. ;)

I am 24 years old and live in Poznań, Poland.

When not working on fixing the next unexpected bug, I enjoy s-f & fantasy fiction, RPGs (the pen & paper variety) and cloak & dagger films, among other things.

Wikias I try to contribute to (argh, so much work...) include:

  • Eberron Wiki – soon to be the best resource of information about the new and exciting pulp action setting for the D&D role-playing game
  • Forgotten Realms Wiki – not so new a setting as Eberron is, but excititng nevertheless.


You can contact me using:

I can understand the following languages:

Polski jest językiem ojczystym tego użytkownika.

This user has an advanced level of English.


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