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  • I live in Great Britain, Earth, the Universe
  • My occupation is Peruvian Cheese smuggler
  • I am Epic
Who are you? Go away! What d'you mean waking me up in the middle of August?
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Hello, welcome to my user page. I'm TARDIS2010 (or T-2010 to make it easier). I'm a British Wiki user who has been active since 2010.

My Favourite Wikis Edit

Doctor Who Collectors WikiEdit

The DWCW was the first wiki I joined in 2010. Being a massive Doctor Who fan and avid collector of merchandise it's easily my favourite wiki. After a breif hiatus from the wiki I returned to became a Bureaucrat and Admin in 2017. We're currently looking for new users, so come on over!

Dad's Army WikiEdit

I have been a member of Dad's Army wiki since September 2010 and am currently the lead Admin. Dad's Army is my favourite TV comedy so it's great to be a part of it's Wiki.

The Formula One History WikiEdit

I founded the Formula One History Wiki in April 2011 and have been running it almost on my own the whole time. I would love it if anyone who is interested in the history of Grand Prix racing would come on over and join the community and help me out. You'd be very welcome.

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