Hello I'm Station7 and I'm a Dutch user. I first came to Wikia, when I did hear from my sister about Lostpedia (who's indirectly responsible for my editing). I edit a long time, I think already more then a year. I love the Wikia, which gives us a lot of important information indeed of looking at Wikipedia. But I'm still here and I'm trying to help as many things I love as I can.

Deze gebruiker spreekt Nederlands als moedertaal.

I'm on Wikia since 3 November 2009 and since then I edit as much as I can and I want different Wiki's. I'm on more then 20 Wiki's (see beneath), but this need a clean-up to. I'm 100% against vandalism and I have a good status among the Wiki even if I have to learn much about English words and spelling. One they can't be angry about is my spelling, because I'm Dutch. And that is saying something. My most edits are on de Rode Ridder Wiki NL (3,000 edits), Harry Potter Wiki (3,000 edits), Lostpedia (13,000 edits), Prison Break Wiki (25,000 edits), Wookieepedia (2,000 edits), 24 Wiki (2,000 edits) and Lost The Journey Wiki (2,000 edits).

So far it happened to me 2 times that I succesfully adopt a Wiki: Prison Break Wiki and Lost Wiki. I hope there will going to happen more soon. I'm also the creator of De Rode Ridder NL, a Dutch Wiki about a Belgium comic. There are also books from, which I'm going to edit later there. Great characters, monsters, creatures, mysteries, everything will be update there in Dutch language.

After Lost, I'm searching for a new serie. I'm busy, busy, busy. I'm cleaning up the Prison Break Wiki with Featured and good articles, also I'm doing that with How To Train your Dragon Wiki. I'm very active and I have a busy life to. I'm at the moment a canteenworker, but next year I will get a new internship. What will happened next?

Since I am on so many Wiki's, I jump throughly the Wiki's where I go from the one to another Wiki and could check everything I need or want to see that day. So it's hard to find me! I also like to use music as background music while editing on the computer. I should look to here more. I also found 3 Mama Appelsaps in English songs, who I will put later here.

I'm possibly one of the few people who is from the Netherlands and who has adopt American/English Wiki's. I don't understand why people hate the skin, but that's possible because of my Autism that I don't hate it.

At the moment, I'm helping Wikia with not appearing gallery's. A surname that I got from my sister is Mr. Wikia. I'm not a fan of that Wikis are leaving, but I wanna see here: [1], which Wikis are leaving.

For a friend:


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About myselfEdit

It caused me more then 6 months to talk good English, sometimes I use a spelling book for some English words, but everything comes out of my heart what I write. English writing is a tough job, but I need it for my favourite Wiki's. I'm going further, further and further learning English.

Not only I had the honor to be put on the main page of Wikia, also the Wiki I created, De Rode Ridder Wikia is centered on The Dutch Wikia.

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Bureaucrat: Prison Break Wiki Edited: Criminal Minds Wiki Edited: Wookieepedia
Wiki.png MonacoLogo.png Wiki.png
Edited: Lostpedia Sysop: Fringe Wiki Edited: FlashForward Wiki
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Edited: Muppet Wiki Rollback: 24 Wiki Edited: Pokemon Wiki
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Edited: Digimon Wiki Edited: Star Trek Wiki Edited: BuffyVerse
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Edited: Harry Potter Wiki Edited: Bones Wiki Edited: Mario Wiki
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Edited: Smallville Wiki Edited: Family Guy Wiki Edited: Lord of the Rings Wiki
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Edited: Doctor Who Wiki Edited: World of Warcraft Wiki Edited: Simpsons Wiki  
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Edited: ICarly Wiki Bureaucrat: How to Train Your Dragon Wiki Edited (Formerly Bureaucrat):
Lost Wiki
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Edited: Narnia Wiki Edited: NCIS Wiki Edited: Star Wars Fanon
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Edited: Alias Wiki Edited: Percy Jackson Wiki Edited: Red Dead Wiki
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Edited: Prowrestling Wiki Edited: Avatar Wiki Edited: Desperate Housewives Wiki
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Edited: Glee Wiki Edited: Redwall (Indirectly) Edited: Castle Wikia
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Edited: Dexter Wiki Edited: Twilight Wikia Edited: Fable Wikia
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Edited: Family Wikia Edited: Topchef Wiki Edited: Videogame Wikia
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Edited: V Wikia Edited: Alice In Wonderland Wiki Edited: Riddick Wiki
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Edited: Entertainment Wikia Edited: Guardians Of GaHoole Edited: Religion Wiki
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Edited: Hitman Wiki Edited: Scott Pilgrim Wiki Edited: Big Bang Theory Wiki
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Edited: Disney Wikia Edited: Mafia Game Wikia Edited: NipTuck Wikia
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Edited: Law and Order Wikia Edited: Ghostbusters Wiki Edited: Green Wikia
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Edited: FFXIV Wikia (Indirectly) Edited: Ruse Wiki Edited: Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki
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Edited: High School Musical Wikia Edited: Chuck Wiki Edited: Victorius Wiki (Indirectly)
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Edited: So You Think You Can Dance Wiki Edited: Southern Vampire Mysteries Edited: Mafia Wars Wikia (Indirectly)
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Edited: Travel Wiki Edited: Madness Combat Wiki Edited: Lyrics Wiki (Indirectly)
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Edited: CastleVania Wikia Edited: White Collar Wikia (Indirectly) Edited: SWTOR Wiki (Indirectly)
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Edited: NL Wiki Edited: Lostpedia NL Edited: 90210 Wikia
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Edited: Monk Wikia Edited: Monopoly Wiki Sysop: Split FanFic Wiki
Edited: Call of Duty Wikia
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Founder: Murders Wiki Founder: The Story Of Leah Thomas
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Founder: The Red Knight EN Founder: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Wikia Founder: Music World Wikia
Bureaucrat: Grouches Wikia
Founder Bureaucrat Sysop Rollback Contributor
The Story Of Leah Thomas
The Red Knight EN
De Rode Ridder NL
Murders Wiki
Prison Break Fanon Wiki
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Wikia
Music World Wikia
Glee Wiki NL
Lostfanstory Wikia (For Tom Jacob)
Britney Spears Encyclopedia (for my sister)
All Books Wikia (Our own library)
Grouches Wikia
Prison Break Wikia (Adopt)
Lost Wiki (Adopt)
How to Train Your Dragon Wiki
24 NL Wiki (Adopt)
The Story Of Leah Thomas
The Red Knight
Grouches Wikia
Dinosaurus Wikia


Buddylist People who've helped me People I've helped

Wiki's where I (possibly) amEdit

I love creating pages on other wiki's:

  1. Entertainment Wikia (not done)
  2. Family Wikia (not done)
  3. Lostpedia NL
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker
  5. NL Wiki
  6. Travel Wiki
  7. So You Think You Can Dance Wiki (not done)
  8. Southern Vampire Mysteries (not done)
  9. Lyrics Wiki (Indirectly)
  10. Castle Wikia (not done)
  11. Lostfanfic Wikia
  12. GTA Wikia
  13. Shrek Wikia
  14. TRON Wikia
  15. NCIS Wikia
  16. Darthipedia
  17. Dead Rising Wikia
  18. Club Penguin Wiki
  19. Supernatural Wikia
  20. Board Walk Empire Wikia
  21. Darksiders Wikia
  22. LEGO Wikia
  23. LEGO Universe Wikia
  24. Sawfilms Wikia
  25. Narnia Wikia
  26. Rubicon Wikia
  27. Lost 4Ever Wikia
  28. Undercovers Wikia
  29. House Wikia
  30. HTTYD Fanon Wiki
  31. South Park Wikia
  32. Station7 Wiki (for my own archives)
  33. Lostpedia NL
  34. Desperate Housewives Wiki
  35. Jurassic Park Wiki
  36. Grand Theft Auto Wiki
  37. Translator Wiki
  38. NL Wiki
  39. Sex and the City Wiki
  40. German Lost Wiki
  41. Italy Lostpedia
  42. French LP Wiki
  43. Deens LP Wiki
  44. Vintage Patterns Wiki
  45. Wikipedia
  46. Autism Wiki
  47. Bureaucrat Wikia (Founder)
  48. Final Destination Wiki
  49. Life Unexpected Wiki
  50. Recipes Wikia
  51. Made Men Wikia
  52. Halo Wikia
  53. Star Wars Merchandise Wiki
  54. Walking Dead Wiki
  55. Love Hina Wiki
  56. Warriors Share Wiki
  57. Millennium Trilogy Wiki
  58. Ice Hockey Wiki
  59. Smurfs Wiki
  60. Charmed Wiki
  61. Yogi Bear Wiki
  62. How I Met Your Mother Wiki
  63. That's 70's Show Wiki
  64. Royal Pains Wiki
  65. Grey's Anatomy Wiki
  66. Ninja Gaiden Wiki
  67. Pop Tarts Wiki
  68. Green Hornet Wiki
  69. Pokémon fanon Wiki
  70. Beyblade Wikia
  71. Looney Tunes Wiki
  • This are my favourite wikia's
    • However on some of the wikia's I'm just helping.

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Wiki's where I made the most articlesEdit

  1. Prison Break Wiki
  2. Harry Potter Wiki
  3. Lostpedia
  4. Fringe Wiki

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This forums I need them later

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