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About meEdit

Well, hello there. Let's start with the basics; I am SomeoneD, or more commonly Someone. I am also known to reply to my real name, Luke. I am a self-admitted geek in every form of the word, with a background in programming (C#). I could consider myself an avid cartoon fan, and have helped out with Wiki's relating to such subjects.

I wouldn't say I am very well known within the Wikia world quite yet, but I guess that'll change soon. I also should say that I'm not super-mega-brilliant with wiki markup quite yet, either.

I am also working on a Wikia-wrapper written in C#, but progress is slow and I am lazy :D

Wikia's I assist (or have done so) Edit

  1. Kick Buttowski Wiki
  2. Phineas & Ferb Wiki
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