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Hello. My name is Dylan, or Slgrandson on Wikimedia and Wikia. I am 21 years old and live in Waterbury, Connecticut.

As a fan of the Famille Passiflore/Beechwood Bunny Tales/Bellflower Bunnies franchise, I am the founding administrator/bureaucrat of The Bellflower Encyclopedia. Sad how I've burned out on there some time after I set it up; strangely enough, I have returned to Wikipedia, my main hub, as a semi-regular.

Also, I have been intermittently developing my two-part Sevton Saga in the midst of such activity.

In the meantime, here's where else to find me online:

You can also give me an e-mail through my regular Hotmail or Yahoo! addresses, or using Lycos/AOL.

Also see the site description, as well as the original request whose approval brought forth this site.