Hi there, I'm Skizzerz. This is a wiki that I frequently visit, so you'll probably see me around either adding content, reverting vandalism, or both.
Contact me: talk page · email · IRC (cloak: @mediawiki/Skizzerz)
Wikia I visit: Central · Magic: The Gathering · Wikia Gaming
Other wikis: StrategyWiki ·
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Hi! I'm Skizzerz, aka Ryan Schmidt. I generally dabble in the Gaming area of Wikia, as I love video games :). You will also find me on IRC a lot.

I rarely edit on Wikia anymore, if I do it's generally for maintenance-type stuff instead of adding content. I do, however, still frequent the IRC channel so you can almost always find me there if a wiki I have listed below needs attention.

Anyway, here is a list of all the wikis that I have an account on, if you see an account named "Skizzerz" or "Ryan Schmidt" on a wiki I do not have listed here, that account is probably not mine and therefore I am not responsible for anything that account may do

Wikia I am (semi-ish) active on
Wikia GamingSkizzerzAdministrator, Bureaucrat (verify)
Magic: The Gathering wikiSkizzerzAdministrator, Bureaucrat (verify)
Wikia I have rights on (do not assume activity on these)
Wii wikiSkizzerzRollback (verify)
Go wikiSkizzerzRollback (verify)
Wikimedia wikis (does not mean I am active on them :P)
MediaWikiSkizzerzAdministrator, Bureaucrat, some others (verify)
Other wikis (you may assume activity on these)
StrategyWikiRyan SchmidtAdministrator, Bureaucrat (verify)
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