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Silent Sinner In Scarlet
a.k.a. SilSinn 💬 (talk to me)
Description FM-synth indie musician (Bard/Performer)
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SilSinn9801, better known as Silent Sinner in Scarlet in the YouTube community and usually abbreviated as SilSinn in the Pokémon Trainer community, is an FM-synth indie musician with some fondness for sharks, catfish, and the original musical works by Nobuo Uematsu & Revo as well as other godfathers of Japanese anime & video game music like Tatsuo Takai & ZUN. He/she(gender not disclosed) has an interest in researching multilingual features of some video games like Bravely Default (his/her primary reason for joining FANDOM in the first place), in addition to training Pokémon when not contributing to FANDOM. He/she also specializes in researching international names of certain species of fish, especially those written in scripts and alphabets other than the Latin alphabet used by English and most other European languages; he/she needs help researching names for Indic species (like Goonch and Sareng) and how they were originally written in the various Indic scripts like Devanagari, Bangla, etc.

Currently, he/she is composing/​arranging/​remixing music that somehow resembles what Capcom used in its early arcade game systems during the good old 1980’s when Yamaha dominated the soundchip market with its OPN family of FM-synthesizer ICs; such type of music is also reminiscent of what ZUN made during the good old 1990's when the NEC PC-9801 (along with Microsoft MS-DOS) dominated the Japanese PC market. A 1:15-minute-long demo can be listened to in his/her YouTube channel. He/she sees as inspirational mentors ZUN and KAJA, the creator of the PMD98 music compiler that ZUN used for his second thru fifth Tōhō games. (And yes, SilSinn9801 prefers Hepburn romanization over the Kunrei-shiki or Waapuro schemes favored by the Tōhō Wiki.)

(FANDOM’s SilSinn9801 is not to be confused with the SilSinn9801 from Wikipedia; there, SilSinn is known instead as SilSinn9821, since the name SilSinn9801 was already taken when he/she wanted to join Wikimedia. By the way, the PC-9821 was supposed to be an improvement over the PC-9801, so the name SilSinn9821 would have been a better choice for FANDOM as well.)

About SilSinn[]


Silent Sinner in Scarlet

From his/her YouTube profile:

  • Sil: abbreviation of “Silent”.
  • Sinn: abbreviation of “Sinner”.
  • 9801: refers to a long-storied family of computers made by Japanese firm NEC and sold in Japan from the early 1980’s well into 2003: the PC-9801. The music compiled by Silent Sinner in Scarlet (abbreviated as SilSinn) strongly resembles the kind of background music played by ancient video games made for the PC-9801, as well as that played by ancient Capcom arcade games.


Original Singles
  • SYNTHESS ~ The Mistress of FM Synthesis (release date: April 1, 2019)
  • NOSTALGY ~ A Theme of Nostalgia, Remembrance, & Reminiscence (release date: November 23, 2019)
Original Albums

(none so far)

Commissioned Originals
Arranged Cover Tracks
Arranged Cover Albums
  • 東方懐旧合成 ~ Synthesized Memories (English: Nostalgic Oriental Synthesis ~ Synthesized Memories; release date: July 27, 2019; crossfade preview on YouTube)
  • 東方紅魔旧 ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil (English: Oriental Scarlet Devil Oldness ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil, a full hardware-recorded PC-9801 cover of the soundtrack from 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil; release date: December 28, 2019, as part of Comic Market 97; crossfade preview on YouTube)

Favorite Phrases[]

  • “I will remain silent on that question.” (This is the typical answer he/she would provide to a question asked to him/her.)
  • “Thankee!”

Preferred Tools[]

  • KAJA’s PMD98 music compiler MC.EXE
  • HypS’s FMDSP music player
  • Tan-Y’s MSDP music player
  • Neko Project 21/fmgen emulator
  • C60’s FMPMD2000 music emulator
  • Audacity
  • GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) 2.10
  • Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9 series
  • nyanpasu64’s corrscope
  • VapourSynth R45
  • VirtualDub2
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 15

FANDOM Wikis[]

Profiles at FANDOM Wikis where I am Very Active[]

  • Synthesizer V Wiki (active contributor & recently-promoted SysOp, mostly responsible for adding material related to AH-Software as well as debugging templates & CSS scripts)
    • Synthesizer V Wiki (Spanish version of the above; occasional contributor & also recently-promoted Bureaucrat & SysOp, mostly responsible for AHS-related content & CSS debugging)
  • Fictional Characters Wiki (Bureaucrat, SysOp, & former Content Moderator; was mostly in charge of merging redundant categories & reverting insertions of false information, but now is currently handling only page-protection requests & welcoming newcomers at the Characterpedia Discord server)
  • VOCALOID Synthesizer Wiki (fairly-active contributor)
  • VOICEROID Synthesizer Wiki (occasional contributor)
  • Piapro Wiki (occasional contributor, usually inserting interlanguage wikilinks whenever possible)
  • CeVIO Wiki (occasional contributor)
  • Wiki (currently-inactive contributor there, usually documented or updated faction & war articles as well as uploading partial canvas snapshots)
  • Bravely Default Wiki (almost-inactive contributor)
  • Final Fantasy Wiki (used to be a heavy contributor there but is now inactive there)
    • Wiki de Final Fantasy (Spanish version of the above; also used to be a significant contributor –especially when it came to userbox templates–, though not as heavy as in the English version above)
    • FINAL FANTASY WIKI (Japanese version of the above; some significant userbox template edits)

Inactive FANDOM Wiki Profiles[]

SilSinn’s Gaming Habits[]

Now Playing[]

The Legend of Zelda series[]

Cave Story[]

Bravely series[]

Ever Oasis[]

Azur Lane[]

  • Azur Lane Crosswave


  • Pokémon X (Trainer ID: 05825)
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (Trainer ID: 20745)
  • Pokémon Sun (Trainer ID: 768426)
  • Pokémon Ultra Moon (Trainer ID: 123446)

Recently Finished[]

Bravely series[]

The Legend of Zelda series[]


  • Pokémon Platinum (Trainer ID: 58735)
  • Pokémon SoulSilver (Trainer ID: 01575)
  • Pokémon White (Trainer ID: 51650)
  • Pokémon White 2 (Trainer ID: 55640)
  • Pokémon Picross
  • Pokémon Shuffle
  • Pokémon Rumble World

Valkyria Chronicles[]

Finished a LONG TIME AGO[]

Final Fantasy series[]

The Legend of Zelda series[]

Tōhō Project[]

  • 東方夢時空 ~ The Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream (no longer have it)
  • 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View (still have it, and it’s a legit copy bought from PaletWeb(dead link))

Started to Play, Unfinished, Put on Hold for Some Reason[]

South Park[]

Valkyria Chronicles[]

Started to Play a LONG TIME AGO, Still Unfinished, Unsure When to Resume Playing if at All[]

Final Fantasy series[]

Mega Man[]

  • Mega Man I thru VI (can’t defeat final nor semi-final bosses, so put on hold indefinitely…)
  • Mega Man VII (defeated first four Robot Masters, but got stuck at some interim stage that looks like a lab or a museum of sorts, don’t know what to do, so put on hold indefinitely…)

Mega Man X series[]

  • Mega Man X (still can’t defeat Final Sigma, no matter how many times I revisit it, plus can’t currently find the cartridge, so put on hold indefinitely…)

Not Considering to Play[]


  • Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee! (never, NEVER! It got rid of Abilities, held items, etc. and can't even import Pokémon from Pokémon Bank!)
  • Pokémon Sword or Shield (because neither can import Pokémon from past generations that do not belong to the Galar Pokédex!)