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Hey there, my name is Shrev. I love editing Wikis because I love to write and type. I work primarily on video game wikis, helping out where I can, depending on what game I'm playing.

Current Wiki SpreadEdit

Wiki Admin Status Activity Status
Sly Cooper Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Sysop, Bureaucrat Active
Sly Cooper Technical Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Bureaucrat, Founder Semi-Active
Infamous Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Sysop, Bureaucrat Active
Ghost of Tsushima Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Sysop Active

Past ExperienceEdit

Wiki Position Time of Tenure
Sly Cooper Fan Fiction Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Founder 04/2011-02/2014
Angry Birds Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop, Crat 05/2011-12/2014
Jetpack Joyride Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop 04/2012-02/2014
Mega Jump Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Founder 05/2011-02/2013
Mega Run Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop 06/2012-09/2013
iOS Gaming Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop 10/2011-09/2012


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