'Allo! No, my name is not Sherman. That pseudonym originally came about as a way to deter certain someones as to my true identity; my vastly more common net-name is maestro35. My real name is Christopher, I am 15, and have been on Wikia for one and a half years. I was, am, and forever will be a fan of the sadly now-defunct MMOG LEGO Universe, regardless of the fact that I possess no real interest in LEGO. I'm still sore at LEGO corporate for killing it. Fortunately, it was LU that drew me to Wikia; I first joined the LEGO Universe Wiki in February of 2011. April of the same year brought me to a new wiki based around consolidating and archiving the abundance of fan-fiction stories from the LU community. My good friend and creator of the wiki sadly vanished that summer, leaving the LEGO Universe Stories Wiki to me. I continue to operate and expand it to this day, alongside my best friend Nightwing. Starting last summer, I became a self-taught CSS addict, and I continue to update my stylesheets frequently. My newest project is learning jQuery, which I have decided to tackle before I walk into JavaScript. So far, loving it, the code keeps pouring out.

Outside of Wikia, I enjoy playing the violin (around which I plan to focus my future career), playing piano, and writing music. Music composition, like my CSS, is self-taught, and I have no professional instruction or experience on the subject. I also love playing with my dog, who is a Shetland Sheepdog/Shetland Hound/Shetland Retriever/Shetland Cat/Shetland sweater mix - so we just call her a Sheltie. I was left without a favorite game when LU died, and have since been abiding my time with Civilization V. I enjoy it immensely when I can get it to run properly (I'm a laptop gamer), but even so, I haven't been technologically capable of conquering the world for several months now. To sum myself up, I'm aspiring musician, religious Protestant, political conservative, and web-dev nerd. Err, they call me a nerd; I don't make the web, I just make it beautiful. I am in 10th grade this year, and have my fingers crossed for what the year might bring!

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