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Hi, my name is Scott, and I make minor edits here and there while I'm browsing for help. I also check Special:Newpages when I think about it and tag Category:Wikia descriptions with {{visit}} when I see one without it. I'm not around much, but I can be reached by my talk page, since it triggers new messages whenever I log in to edit any Wikia wiki.

You can find me at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki (info), which is the wiki I spend the most time on.

My experience with wikis[]

Wikis are pretty much the coolest thing on the internet in my opinion. There's so many things I've wanted to contribute information about but just didn't have the time, or didn't want to fill out a bunch of registration stuff, or didn't have the talent or the interest in designing a webpage, and didn't think anyone would ever reach my website anyway. With wikis, people can contribute easily to large and unique projects with no hassle that are easily navigable and accessible, both to writers and readers, without having to design anything themselves. I've known about wikis for less than a year now (I knew about Wikipedia before this, but not its "editable" nature) and I've already grown to like them better than any other means of online communication of ideas. The free content combined with the ease of learning and, in general, friendliness of wiki communities makes them the best way for ordinary people to improve content on the internet. Besides, who doesn't like the idea of being able to instantly change the internet? ;-)

Other wikis I edit[]

I'm on Kingdom Hearts more than anything else, but you may also spot me on a few other wikis:

Wikipedia, where I edit anonymously and scarcely under a number of IPs.

International Baccalaureate (recent new all), where I am starting off some content and hope to eventually get off its feet, even if I probably won't stick with it forever. IB is a great educational program, and a wiki would suit the subject well.

Here, where I tag things with {{i}} and keep a tab open on Recent changes and look for vandalism. I also make minor edits to the help pages I often browse.

Wikis I want to edit sometime[]

The Collaboration of the month - plan to visit here and there.

Final Fantasy (recent new all) - I'm a fan, plain and simple.

Mega Man (recent new all) - only for the old school games though.

Catholicum (recent new all) - a wiki about Catholicism. It's also in Spanish, which would help me to learn.

WikiWiki (recent new all) - a wiki about wikis! I love wikis, so I want to edit here eventually.

War (recent new all) - I like war history.




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