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*[[Dendy Junior]]
*Dendy Junior
*[[Dendy Junior II]]
*[[Dendy Junior II]]
*[[Pocket Famicom]], Gametech
*[[Pocket Famicom]], Gametech

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A Famiclone is a portmanteau word (from Famicom and clone) that refers to a Famicom/NES clone. Often times, these systems are pirated (or unlicensed).

One of the the most famous examples of famiclones is the Dendy Junior II. See also: List of Famiclones


The NES is one of the world's most recognized game systems. Famicom is the official name for the Japanese version of this product. NES is also one of the most cloned game systems of all time.

Many companies have made famiclones (see list of Famiclones).


NES on Wikipedia

List of FamiclonesEdit

Here is a list of Famiclones that are somewhat popular:


Power Player Super Joy IIIEdit

The Power Player Super Joy III is a clone of the NES/Famicom that has both a cartridge slot and built-in games. This product claims to have "76,000 games in 1" but really it has 76 games repeating themselves 1000 times on the list. This products is developed by NrTrade.

There is an upgrade to this product called the Power Player Super Joy 3.5 that has some newly added games and no repeats. Another product to buy for this is a Famicom-like cartridge with 112 games built in as an expansion pack to this product.

External LinkEdit

NrTrade official website

Pocket FamicomEdit

The Pocket Famicom is a Famiclone produced by Gametech. This system has rather advanced features for a Famiclone. Unfortunately, you have to get a Fami~NES converter to play American NES cartridges on it.

One of the best features of this is the backlit color graphics screen. It is better when it goes in conjunction with AV outputs for a TV/external monitor. This Famiclone looks strikingly similar to a Gameboy Advance.

Other featuresEdit

  • Headphone jack
  • Battery or AC adaptor powered
  • portability

External LinkEdit

Buy Pocket Famicom Now at, Oh wait! They got shutdown!

Dendy Junior IIEdit

The Dendy Junior II is a look-alike of the original Famicom. Unlike the American NES, this game system uses atari-like controller inputs. Since Nintendo didn't market their official Famicom/NES, the Dendy Junior II was marketed as an unofficial indroduction of the NES in Russia and the former Soviet Union.


Dendy Junior II on Wikipedia

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