• Asian (Taiwanese to be specific).
  • Native in both Chinese Mandarin and English.
    If my understanding of Chinese is 99%, English being 90%,
    then 40% would be my Japanese skills as of now. (It was 2% 5 years ago.)

    I read manga in Chinese/Japanese.
    I only read manga in English when I couldn't find them in the other two languages.
    I read comics in English.
    I watch anime and J-drama in Japanese, with either Chinese/English subtitles.
    I absolutely HATE dubs.
This user is a native speaker of English.
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Je ne comprends pas le français, ou seulement avec des difficultés notables.
Ten użytkownik nie zna języka polskiego (lub ma z nim olbrzymie trudności).
Este utilizador não compreende o português (ou compreende com grande dificuldade).
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  • Formerly an art student in San Francisco.
  • A CLAMP fan since 1994.
    (though I admit, I do think their quality isn't as good as their glorious days)
  • A Harry Potter fan since 2000.
    (The books, only the books! FYI I dislike the character Harry Potter)
  • A Trinity Blood (トリニティ・ブラッド) fan since roughly 2007.
    (Yeah, I do know if I had been a fan since the beginning I would've been a fan for more than 10 years instead of 5, but my middle school and high school years were pressured with tests equivalent of SAT and ACT, plus I already had plenty other interests. ANYWAY so what I was late lol doesn't change the fact I am a hardcore fan now. :3 )
  • A VOCALOID and UTAU fan since 2009.
    (not sure about CeVIO atm, but さとうささら does have a great voice)
    I feel embarrassed for some so-called fans who couldn't even tell the difference between VOCALOID and cover singers.
    I also hate it when people thought VOCALOID is exclusively a Japanese thing, or that the Japanese started it.
    Go do your homework.
  • A semi-fan of Nico Nico cover-singers (NND Utaite/ニコニコ歌い手) since 2009.
    (I admit the craze died down just a little bit)
  • An X-Men fan since 2014 (lmao) but a crazy one.
    I've read 90% aka most of the X-Men and related X-titles that were published after 1990 (even some before that), so that's reading 25 years of stuff in one year and liking them. Don't talk me down and use the excuse that I haven't started reading comics long enough, I might just know more about them than you think.
  • An Inkheart trilogy fan since roughly 2013 (lol) but a considerably dedicated one.
    (perhaps because it is originally written in German and not English, so it was not as well known where I grew up; I only became aware of it after the movie adaptation. After actually picking up the series, I quickly fell in love with it and even bought a rare set of special edition SECONDHAND (first time to ever do this) because the covers are so much more fitting to its name. I do think this series is just underrated...)
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