Sam Wang

  • I live in Chicago, USA
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am a Person

Hi there! I am Sam Wang.

About Me

I've been working in Wikia since August, 2011, in Zombie Farm Wiki. During the first day of October of 2011, I started a wiki: Isle of Tune Wiki. However, since it is very new, I really need a lot of help. After a while, two of my friends became jealous and started their own wikis, but did not succeed.

Isle of Tune Wiki

Isle of Tune Wiki was one of my favourite wikis that I've contributed to, partly because I am the founder. At first, I mainly focused on the Main Page. Nowadays, I am trying to attract new users as well as insert as much information as I can. If you would like to help me out, then surely you can, just remember to check out the Guidelines.

Zombie Farm Wiki


When I first joined Wikia I was working in Zombie Farm Wiki. The wiki's major active admins at that time were Kgs88error and Notbryant. After a few weeks, they became inactive. During that period, the wiki was a mess, and contributions became silly. After me and United Wikis adopted the wiki, the wiki was no longer a messy wiki. I gave some other users sysop rights, but one blocked United Wikis after a madness from him. However, I've recently stopped editing that wiki, as it is going well. Now, I've removed my rights, giving it to another user.

Visiting Community Central


Though Community Central is the center of all wikis, I didn't really notice this before October 7, 2011. My first glance through this wiki at the main page was rapid, and hardly knew anything here. However, when I realized how experienced some contributions were here in the forums, I continuously went there searching for help. Community Central is Wikia's largest wiki, with 1,339,858 pages and 56,001 files.

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