• I live in What shall stay a stalker-free zone
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Shipping roleplay cats with superheros
  • I am Left-handed, and enjoying our international day

Who could that be at all this hour?

When did you see her last?

File Under : 13 suspicious incidents

Shouldn't you be in school?

Why Is this night different from all other Nights? 02:13, June 3, 2016 (UTC)

Hello my name is Runningfireclawheart, which as you likely agree takes to long to say please call me Running if you want. But I would prefer if you called me Wolfblaze or Wolfye or Wolf!

So, I much to much free-time since it is snowing where I live and I can't go anywhere really. Plus, we I've just north of the middle of no where. So there isn't really anywhere to go

And I don't spend that much time on wikia since I prefer to read or do study or stuff like that

I am also a Admin and B-crat on Wearewarriors and I kind of took over Pet Help Wikia, and I am also on Warriors cats answers

So, I will have been on wikia for a year months on the 17th of March!

But I made my account is May

I have three cats and a dog

I have an eight-year-old cat name Cinder the Mother of one of my other cats. Her warrior name is Cinderclaw and my older sister named her, since there is a 'No warrior name' policy in our house, and at the time, my sister liked warriors too, and found a good loop-hole. Cinder was almost called Elphaba. She is gray, and kind of a tabby and she has greenish yellow eyes.]

I also have a five-year-old cat named Shade. He's a tom, and Cinder's mate, the father of one of my other cats. His warrior name is Shadefrost and I named him. Well, my parents chose his real name i chose the warrior name. He was nearly named Fiyero.

The rescue we got our cats from was going to kill them since my cats were mates and the rescue didn't want that. So we adopted the cats

I also have a male kitten. He is really dark gray white, in images he looks black and white. His warrior name is Blazepaw and his real name is Blaze. He is six months old and the kitten of Cinder and Shade. Here is an image of him:

I also have a dog. A tricolored beagle. Named Lucky. This is an image of him:We have had him for almost two years, and he gave me a cold since I had to walk him in -19 degree

I have three older siblings. The oldest are twins, a brother and sister. They're seventeen-years-old.

My other older siblings is my fifteen-year old brother.

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